With Fire Truck to Ukraine

In July the second trip for Zachau Design to Ukraine took place. This time the mission was delivery of fire fighting vehicles to Lviv for further transport to Cherson and other areas hit by the brutal attack from Russian troops. The whole operation was managed and financed by HUG (Help Ukraine Gothenburg). HUG does a

Rescue Rafts to Ukraine

On the 13th of June six rescue rafts went together with other urgent life rescue equipment in a transport executed by Volvo Defence and initiated by HUG (Help Ukraine Gothenburg) to Ukraine. The rafts are manufactured and donated by Safety Shore A-Miljö in Gothenburg. The design is made by Lighthaus Industrial Design/Zachau Design.

Zachau Design goes to Lviv

In April Hans Philip joined a convoy of ambulances going to Ukraine organized by HUG (Help Ukraine Gothenburg). 9 Ambulances with one driver each set course for Lviv and were delivered for further distribution to the front of war. Camouflage paint was added since the Russians aim for ambulances and the expected lifetime for rescue

Prototypes of Pansar Ladies’ Watch

Arrival of Prototypes to Zachau Design Here at Zachau Design we are not only welcoming the spring of 2023 but also the final prototypes of the women’s wristwatch DAY made in collaboration with Pansar Sweden.  DAY by Pansar should offer a three dimensional experience and encourage the user to enjoy it from different perspectives –

IAA Hanover September -22

Zachau Design visits IAA Transportation fair in September 2022. Concepts and Production EV:s were on display Einride appeared in an early verison. The same that we have seen for a couple of years now. Volvo Trucks on display All sizes of Volvo Trucks can now be found as EV:s. Everything from distribution trucks up to