Zachau Design visits IAA Transportation fair in September 2022.

Concepts and Production EV:s were on display

Einride appeared in an early verison. The same that we have seen for a couple of years now.

Volvo Trucks on display

All sizes of Volvo Trucks can now be found as EV:s. Everything from distribution trucks up to long haul offers an electric alternative. And a further focus is “Zero Accidents”.

Scania shows two faces

In the big exhibition hall Scania has gone full electric. But if you enter the court yard you will find the traditional and significant V8 on display.

Mercedes is still the star within Germany

The Actros model has now gone all electric. But there are still very few EV:s on German roads….

Also Ford shows a friendly, electric face

A neat design of a ditribution lorry tries to signal electric drive and full recycling.

Under the hood of a DAF

Like on all other electric trucks in the exhibition a totally different content shows up once you open the hood.

Buzz on the town

VW:s new mini bus aimed for both work and pleasure had its “second” debute on IAA

Last Mile

The transport executed during the last mile can take many shapes. It can be operated either by a driver or be totally autonomous. All on display had the common feature of electric drive.

Fuel cells and hydrogen are alternatives to batteries

Many manufacturers of EV:s presented optional ways of storing energy.

MAN with a solid history

MAN showed their new electric truck and the designer tried different poses to give the best of impressions. Out in the yard a fully restored classic truck marks the end of this presentation.

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