At Custom Motor Show in Jönsköping “SAINT” was on public display for the first time during Easter 2023. von Braun Sports Cars won quite a few awards during this event. The most glamerous one may have been “Best in Show”.

“SAINT” is an updated version of Volvo P1800 made by von Braun Sports Cars in Skene. This is a good example of skilled craftmanship executed by a small but highly competent organization in their own workshop. You can say that SAINT is an homage to the original car from 1961 designed by Pelle Petterson. Pelle has also been involved and has given his “blessing” to the design work carried out by Zachau Design in this project.

Components like grill, air splitter, wheels, front- and taillights, adjustable rear spoiler, diffusor and more have been developed in collaboration between von Braun Sports Cars and Zachau Design.

A clean and modern look has been achieved through details like flush windscreen and rear window without trims and the elimination side trims and the ventilation side window. Also the white pearl paint suggests cleanness and modernity. This is SAINT for you!

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