The ambition with the Coupe of T concept is to create a desirable and affordable open electric sports car for 2. Reuse and recycling will be the hallmark of this strive. And reusing already recycled material can be an opportunity which up to presently has been overlooked.

The starting point of the concept development will be an existing platform with a reputation of excellent functionality and reliability. There also has to be decent access to second hand market vehicles containing this platform. Nissan Leaf and BMW i3 may fulfil these criteria. Our choice has been of the latter since i3:s technology offers more of excitement when it comes to configuration and material selections. Also a weight of 1250 kg including batteries will enhance the development of an efficient small sports car. A driver to hold a realistic budget in this project will be to make largest possible and necessary improvements and still keeping as many parts and systems from the existing as you can. 

Package modification

For more information on the concept please look under “Automotive”

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