DAY is a wrist watch concept for Pansar of Sweden made by Johanna. The challenge was to expand the collection of Pansar to also include women’s watches. By combining the design heritage of Pansar together with years of experience of working with some of the world’s most exclusive watch brands for women, the concept of DAY was developed.

Pansar create watches that are made to last beyond the season, with timeless Scandinavian design, clean silhouettes, innovative techniques and functional details. The uniqueness of DAY is that the watch beautifully displays the day of the week, without the user having to care about the changing of date that otherwise is required each month.

A great watch should represent the person wearing it. With DAY the customer can choose which kinds of bracelets that best suits their everyday style and vary between them depending on mood or time of year. The case back is engraved as a reminder that the only real luxury is time…   

Arrival of Prototypes

Here at Zachau Design we are not only welcoming the spring of 2023 but also the final prototypes of the women’s wristwatch DAY made in collaboration with Pansar Sweden. 

It is a wonderful feeling to see the product in reality, holding it, trying it out and looking at it in a way we have not been able to do until now. 

DAY by Pansar should offer a three dimensional experience and encourage the user to enjoy it from different perspectives – that is how DAY reaches its full potential!