“A Swedish tailor-made concept, representing ultimate state-of-the-art craftsmanship, combined with modern performance and driver” is how the p1800 SAINT concept was presented by von Braun Sports Cars just recently. The whole idea is to make a complete renewal of old Volvo P1800 cars with total update of the technical content, anything from rear view mirrors/cameras to completely new engines, according to customers’ requirement. Zachau Design was invited to execute minor exterior improvements concerning aerodynamics and some styling modifications. We accepted the challenge after contacting the originator, Pelle Petterson, and getting his “blessing” for doing this.

The overall idea is to keep the original design as intact as possible not violating the beauty of what was created by Pelle Petterson in the early sixties. The update is limited to aero panels, new wheels moved outboards, refined details, reduction of components like ventilation windows and some chrome trims, adding flush, glued windows instead of the old ones with fat rubber rims.
The air splitter allows for higher downforce and picks up some of the old bumper styling.
The air diffuser is a statement that improves aerodynamics.
The end……..http://P1800-SAINT.com
A thing maybe worth mentioning is that we have actually met “The Saint”. Here is Johanna together with Sir Roger during an UNICEF event for sponsors.