Shore Safety A-miljö – Life Rescue Raft

“Our rescue raft (RR3) is a custom designed, lightweight and self-explanatory lifesaving platform for easy and safe handling.
It holds easily two rescuers and a distressed person. The new design makes it very easy to pull the distressed person out of the water to start CPR immediately. The rescue raft also works well on thin ice and can also be used as a stretcher.
It is also recommended to use the special rescue hook to search and trawl for submerged persons.

Shore Safetys lifesaving equipment meet the requirements of the Swedish Civil Protection and Emergency Agency (MSB).”

This is how the product is being described by the producer and sales company Shore Safety that Lighthaus developed the rescue raft for. The task was “Fulfilling all and every safety demand, easy to produce, integrating all functions in a roto mold body and besides look very attractive”. Hans Philip was the designer in charge and spent numerous hours in the water just to inhale the environment in which the product hopefully not will be used.