During his time within Epsilon Perspectives and Lighthaus Industrial Design Hans Philip participated in developing lighting armatures for Thorn Lighting as Design Director and Lead Designer for these products. Thorn is a mass producer of lighting and turns mainly to the public market. This ads a different perspective compared to the consumer market view. Easy to produce and low cost are two important factors. But most important is of course excellent light quality and energy efficiency.

Optus is an office fixture that optimizes the light spread for that kind of environment. It offers both up- and downlight from alternative numbers o fluorescent tubes. The lumniere sold several ten thousands per year.
Mandi was designed to be a super cost efficient bathroom lumniere in different sizes with optional power plug. Even though the cost was low the quality of light offered more than you would expect from a bathroom armature. The design work was executed within Lighthaus.
Oracle was designed to contain either traditional light bulbs or LED motors. Still it was important to make the design as sleek and distinct as possible. Main market was the French.
The design work was executed within Lighthaus.
Oxane was also designed mainly for the French market. In this case it was only designed for containg LED:s so the configuration could then be much lower and the styling also became physically sleeker.