During the 80’ies Hans Philip had the great opportunity to work, first as an intern and later as a consultant, together with ateljé Lyktan in Århus. Under the leadership of Anders Persson, CEO and Design Director, the young student picked up important knowledge about lighting armature design. The commercial view of the company manager helped to understand the importance of developing products that make success in the market. The artistic view in turn gave a clue how to create artefacts that became appreciated over a long time. Two product families designed by Hans Philip at this time and that generated great interest are displayed below. The Softling series is still sold by numbers in auctions today. That is what we call recycling!

Intermezzo – a flourescent tube fixture that spreads the light in a soft, gentle way without blinding.
The Softling is a family that consists of several members. In common they have that they are all spreading indirect light upwards and downwards. The reflectors and hole patterns let the light through in a very subtle way that also displays the identity of the products even when lit.
Softling flour version